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Product is rated as #3 in category Marketing Software
Staff Review: Given our review, we believe HelloWoofy is a good software for any small of medium-sized business to try. HelloWoofy has some of the greatest features in the market due to their AI capabilities. There are other social media managing software in the market that have some great features also, but they are not as budget-friendly. The HelloWoofy platform is able to help customers understand what resonates with their followers and can easily manage and schedule posts through the content library. The platform works well for small to medium-sized businesses and advertising agencies with its AI-based recommendations of relevant emojis and hashtags, one can make their content convincing and effective while not losing their audience with irrelevant or unengaging posts.
Usability (Ease of Use)
Free Offering
  • AI-driven autocomplete of text in social posts w/ words, emojis, hashtags plus copyright-free image suggestions
  • Social media content automated scheduling
  • Supports Facebook (groups and pages), LinkedIn (personal profiles and pages), Instagram (up to 10), TikTok and Twitter
  • Generate quotes from articles using cutting edge AI / NLP
  • Free Google Chrome Extension: Add content to the smart library from anywhere + autocomplete blogs, emails, notes, etc.
  • Free iOS mobile app for Instagram scheduling
  • Simple interface.
  • Hashtag playlists for quick access
  • There is currently only one paid plan. There is no entry paid plan or plans to support enterprise businesses.
  • No recommended times to post.


For a successful business to run, different marketing formulas are high in demand. One such formula is the interactive engagement of the audience/ customers online on various social media platforms. For this reason, there are different software designed for helping a business to firmly grow. HelloWoofy is one prime example of social media management software. This software provides data science and artificial intelligence-driven marketing platform which makes it stand out from other social media management applications. In this review, I’ll try to go in as much depth into the HelloWoofy social media marketing tool to help you explore if its a good fit for you.

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HelloWoofy is a social media automation tool that utilizes AI to develop various content suggestions as well as automate posting.
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A simple color-coded functional and well-organized dashboard!

Signing up for an account on HelloWoofy is free and easy. After you log in, you will see a home screen on the HelloWoofy dashboard which is simple yet engaging. It has well-defined features and with each feature they have tutorial videos for their customers to be able to begin quickly guiding you to get maximum benefits from the platform. On the home screen, there are 3 content creation options. You can create posts to run campaigns i.e. multi posts, create single posts, or simply save posts as drafts.

You can set a schedule for content to come out via social media accounts on a specific time per respective categories depending on your schedule. You can add team members depending on the permission control privileges. You can set permission control privileges for users such as you can give them an admin control, editor control, or manager or simply just as a viewer. These privileges all have different levels of capabilities and different use-cases across the platform.

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Using built-in AI, HelloWoofy provides an interesting capability of adding popular hashtags and contextually relevant emojis to create engaging content. It saves time and effort as well as helping in creating quality content. So far this feature has not been seen in any other social media management software from what we can find.

There is one more unparalleled feature which is voice activated assistance. Through this feature, by using simple voice commands, Woofy can hear and help us in making great content. Woofy supports Instagram Posting, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Linkedin Profiles, Linkedin Groups, Linkedin Pages, and Twitter. There is a discover section within HelloWoofy which shows leading publications from all around the world. They provide the latest and greatest content on an hourly or daily basis. These include sources like Buzzfeed, CNN, Fox News, etc.

You can add or remove publications according to your interests. From here, the content can be added into the library with some best trending hashtags and emojis to schedule it later or directly be posted to your social media accounts. Woofy’s compliance engine works automatically. Woofy flags content written against compliance and helps you make original content by recommending changes to make it genuine. HelloWoofy’s compliance engine automatically flags content that may be considered too similar (or is duplicated content) before it gets added to the library. This ensures the posts comply with social media site rules, preventing them from inadvertently being marked as spam or worse, having the account deleted.

HelloWoofy has an image recognition pattern feature that can enable to read what is inscribed in the image, and will then formulate hashtags based on that content within the image.” It can autocomplete blog posts that help in writing through millions of data points suggesting the right words. You can schedule to post it on Medium.com.


Sendinblue Pricing
Free Plan: Yes

Lowest Priced Plan: $0.00/month free forever for 3 social accounts and no team members

Highest Priced Plan: $49 / year (paid annually) for 25 social media accounts, 9 team members + all premium features

HelloWoofy offers two plans at the time of writing this article: Free and Pro. The free plan includes limited features but is a good option to get started as it offers 3 social accounts to manage. However, as it is a limited features plan, there can be no team members added as well as the number of posts per day is limited to 10 only. It can be upgraded to pro on average and competitive price.

Currently, they have an exclusive offer for a limited time and that is $49/year. It is a one time fee or can be given in a whole year. This is pretty much an amazing offer as it has some distinguishing features like AI and data science-backed technology which is not being offered by any other software of such type. 

In the free plan, there are no features to add team members  while in the Pro plan, up to 9 team members can be added. It feels like there is a need for another cheaper plan to bridge the gap between these two plans. Overall, their free plan is generous about their features, only if HelloWoofy could add at least two members, or introduce one more paid plan that is relevantly cheaper than the current paid plan. There are different social media managing software that is having different price plans for different business sizes. 

Features & Benefits


PROS (of the Free Plan):
  • 3 social accounts
  • Free Hootsuite integration available
  •  Free Google Chrome Extension: Add content to the smart library from anywhere + autocomplete blogs, emails, notes, etc.
  • Free iOS mobile app for Instagram scheduling
  • Social media content automated scheduling
  • Supports Facebook (groups and pages), LinkedIn (personal profiles and pages), Instagram (up to 10), TikTok and Twitter
  • Generate quotes from articles using cutting edge AI / NLP
  •  AI-driven autocomplete of text in social posts w/ words, emojis, hashtags plus copyright-free image suggestions
  • AI analysis of library content for compliance
  • Accompanying the visual search engine (HelloWoofy stated that they have the world’s first visual search engine for finding the perfect combination of words, emojis, images, and hashtags).
  • Social media management platform
  • Autocomplete blog posts and auto-schedule to Medium.com
  • Voice powered commands
  • Hashtag playlists for quick access
  •  Text translation into any language

PROS (for the Highest Premium Plan @ $49/year)

  • 25 social accounts
  • 3000 total number of library posts per Woofy account
  • 200 published posts/day
  • 9 team members
  • 10 calendars
  • 5 journal article posts to Medium a day
  • 45 journal total posts in the library
  • 10 journal videos per post
  • 10 journal images/GIFs per post
  • 30 RSS feeds
  • 25 accounts a user can add via Hootsuite

There are some major distinguished features in the HelloWoofy tool that are not available on other such social media management platforms. Namely, AI to develop more exciting and engaging posts within a couple of minutes using popular and trending hashtags, and relevant emojis. Emojis help increases engagement and social sharing. According to research and insights from leading marketing companies, emojis have proven to drive major uplifts in engagement. HelloWoofy, powered by EmojiData.ai (an internally built API that analyzes 35M+ data points in milliseconds), finds out which emojis are most relevant in real-time and recommends those to you. So this results in a higher engagement rate and increased effectiveness of your marketing campaign.


CONS (Free Plan):
  • There’s a limit of 100 library posts per Woofy account
  • Only 10 posts published per day
  • No team members can be added
  • Only 1 calendar

CONS for Paid Plans:

  • There is currently only one paid plan. There is no entry paid plan or plans to support Enterprises.
  • No recommended times to post.

HelloWoofy has not yet started to recommend times to post. This is a powerful feature to drive more engagement with one’s audience at the right time. This feature will allow the user to post something when their major audience can come across their post and is awake and responsive. HelloWoofy has mentioned on their website that soon they are going to introduce this feature on their platform.

There are many amazing free features of HelloWoofy that are paid features in other software, for instance, it has a compliance engine that can facilitate the user to come up with genuine and fresh content always and avoiding duplication. The user does not have to worry about the content posted already or when did they post it as the compliance engine makes sure that you don’t add the content too similar that may get you in trouble with social media platforms.

Each post is given a similarity score on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Linkedin. As you can see in the screenshot above, the post in the library is unique and shows no similarity with posts from other social media accounts.

Use Cases

The use cases are varied and numerous, especially for local businesses. The reason why this is an ideal match for small and medium-sized business is that HelloWoofy is simple and easy to use, there are several AI-based features which can help to make engaging contents without spending much time, and also the truth is that most small businesses don’t have such huge list of marketing posts.

Thus, most new and growing small businesses will find the free plan satisfactory, and can easily grow into the first tier of 3 social accounts without too much of a financial setback. If one is finding 10 posts per day not enough then their pro plan may be a better solution as it offers 200 posts per day without any compromise of capability or limitations. However one should be aware that HelloWoofy offers one of the most affordable solutions for someone to easily grow.

  • HelloWoofy caters to all social media managers, from brands to agencies, freelancers, startups, non-profit organizations, influencers & individuals.
  • If anyone has just started a business and wants to promote it through social media accounts then no need to hire any social media manager. It has everything inside it that makes great content and manages your posts easily.
  • It is a great platform for those who run online businesses to promote their business through different social media accounts and can see their likes, shares, and comments on each post on just one platform through its data analysis.
  • It is most helpful for those who are having multiple businesses and promotes all of them through social media. HelloWoofy with its pro plan provides 10 calendars, where one can attach their social accounts accordingly and manage their businesses within no time.
  • It is also beneficial for writers as it has a journal tab where one can write and schedule posts to be published on medium.com. It has a predictive texts option where one can save time to write and publish articles.
  • The discover tab is amazing in helping an individual to stay current. It has contents from leading publications where one can find contents according to their own taste and post directly to social media accounts or schedule it to post later and adding relevant hashtags and emojis can make them their content look awesome!

Similar Competitors

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a competitor with a similar price point, which offers scheduling of posts as well as recommended times to post resulting in involving more readers But it doesn't support AI based recommendations of hashtags and emojis as well as no compliance engine to avoid duplication making HelloWoofy still a smarter choice for social media management.


Buffer - Buffer is a well-known social media management software. It is widely used by many individuals at all business levels. It offers different price plans to welcome and amuse all its audience. This strategy of ``one size does not fit all`` makes it stand out and will be a great option for years to come. When compared with HelloWoofy, it lacks some great features like compliance engine, AI-based recommendations of hashtags and emojis, and automation of predictive words and sentences. These tools add to the real engagement of the audience and are available on HelloWoofy.

Company Profile

HelloWoofy - Social Media Automation Software

HelloWoofy was founded in 2016 by Arjun Rai, a New York-based entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of HelloWoofy.com, Woofy.ai, EmojiData.ai, and WordData.ai (API: autocomplete or autosuggest of text/words, emojis and hashtags). HelloWoofy is the parent company behind EmojiData.ai.The Woofy platform was made for small businesses and professionals to compete in a digital world by eliminating time-wasting grunt work so they can spend more time exploring new things and adding on to their skills. They have now introduced the integration with Hootsuite. Hootsuite users can use all the AI features of HelloWoofy via their Hootsuite accounts.


If you have any questions, you can visit their FAQ page to get all queries answered or you can ask their assistance directly by writing to them at [email protected]

the integration is within HelloWoofy and won’t show up within your Hootsuite dashboard itself.

The following steps outline how the integration works, all you need is a

  1. Hootsuite account to sign into your
  2. HelloWoofy.com account under Settings
  3. Simply click on the hootsuite icon below “Add Social Account…” button and follow the on screen prompts. Once done, you will see all your associated accounts from Hootsuite nicely displayed before you in the settings section of the HelloWoofy platform and categorized by social media network. You can simply turn on via the toggle certain accounts or turn off if you don’t want to see all accounts at once when creating single posts, launching campaigns etc.
  4. Once you’re ready to post, simply click “single post” or “create a campaign” in order to schedule your social media content using the Hootsuite platform. All posts when using Hootsuite will be posted via your Hootsuite account. You can post via your smart library, the home tab, the visual calendar, etc.

Yes, a tutorial video that shows all the basic features Woofy performs is available.

To locate this tutorial video, access the “SETTINGS” tab from your Woofy homepage. Locate the “WATCH TUTORIAL VIDEO” link available in pink color. By clicking on it, a new browser tab will be opened with the video. Locate the play button and that’s it!

For convenience, you may also access the video via this link.

Specification: HelloWoofy – Social Media Automation Software

Deployment Type

Cloud/Server Hosted

Devices Supported

SaaS, Android, IOS

Basic Features

Data import/export, LinkedIn, Open API, Scheduling, Social integration, Social Media Posting(Facebook

Pricing Model

Annual Subscription, Free, One-time Payment(Lifetime Deal) Offer

Support Provided

Chat Support, Email Support

Social Media Features

AI Features, Automated Post Scheduling, Blogger, Bulk Posting, Creating and Managing Campaigns on all Social Media Accounts from Facebook, Graphic/Video Creation Tool, Group Posting, LinkedIn, Scheduling, Social Analytics, Social Calendar, Topic Idea Discovery, Twitter

Videos: HelloWoofy – Social Media Automation Software

Photos: HelloWoofy – Social Media Automation Software

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HelloWoofy – Social Media Automation Software
HelloWoofy – Social Media Automation Software


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