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4 Important Reasons to Use Apps to Connect with Your Customers


Engage Your Customers Like Nothing Else

Reach your customers on your terms. If you want to send a push notification or SMS, you can do that on your schedule. With roughly 90% visibility rates with notifications/SMS (compared to 0-30% with social media and email), apps have the best ability to engage. 


Give Your Customers the Ability to Act

There is nothing better than giving within someone’s hand the power to act. Whether it’s to order a pizza, whether it’s to video-chat with their doctor, or whether it’s to access their business email. Apps are tools that empower your customer to take action.


You Own Your Data Completely

The data is yours. What do we mean by that? When you share a Facebook post – Facebook controls your data and only sends it out to about 5% to 30% of your audience. You own your data, and you can control how your audience receives your message.


Boost Your Brand

Let’s say that you’re a restaurant. What does it mean to have an app that connects your customers with your business? It gives them the ability to connect with your customer on demand. To order from you when they’re hungry. To be able to connect with you directly to make them happy. To request reviews or to create affiliates and use your customers to champion you.

The Data Tells a Story...

You know what we don’t like? People that make stuff up. All of our organizations and people are expected to be able to backup their claims with merit and integrity. There’s no exception that we felt that we needed to do the same before we made a case for apps, especially mobile apps.

Number of Smart Phone Users

It didn’t take long for smartphones to take the American market by storm. Statistica’s data shows that there’s over 260 million smartphone users which is over 80% of the U.S. population. That’s some good market penetration right there! Not to mention, there’s a growth of about 3 million new users per year; which means that chances are your grandma has a Samsung Galaxy. What’s interesting is America’s love for the iPhone; despite being a premium product, costing often over $800 USD for a new iPhone, over 50% still decided to make the iPhone their smartphone of choice. 

People Are Addicted

According to an article in the New York Post from 2017 (referencing a study by Asurion which studied 2,000 Americans), the average person checks their phone every 12 minutes (80 times a day), with the range being between every 4 minutes to 4 hours. Needless to say, those apps are getting visibility. 

More Phone Power Means More Apps

Just about every year technology seems to advance and there’s a new gadget to hit the market. Over the last 10 years of advancements have allowed for both iOS and Android phones to be able to comfortably support more apps. The stats show this very clearly as the number of app downloads have been steadily increasing. Apps were downloaded 194 billion times in 2018 versus 178 billion in 2017. Furthermore, 76 billion downloads came from the Google Play Store while 30 billion from the Apple App Store.

It's a Global Phenomenon

According to Statista, there was 2.7 billion world-wide mobile smartphone users, in addition to the 1.3 billion tablet users (2017), that’s staggering considering that mobile smart phones were only introduced in 2008 with the first iPhone. Growth seems to be around 300 million news users per month.

We Can't Talk Apps Without Talking Money

Apps are expected to bring in $189 billion in revenue. However, this figure only relates to direct sales and doesn’t include indirect numbers such as income from lead generation and upsells – which is likely to be much higher given that over 90% of apps are free but almost all of them require an email or social account. 

The Phone will Replace the Wallet

This last stat has been the focus of several companies which is payment processing. Tech companies are trying to move quick to one-up on each other for the ability to use applications such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and so on as the prime payment solution. Essentially this would give companies the ability to take a small cut from the very large multi-billion dollar pie of processing payments. As as most of web traffic has become mobile-based, it’s become incredibly important for companies to try and capitalize on these two trends. 

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Does Your Mobile or Web App Benefit Small Businesses?

We are growing our list apps and tools that are great for small business and startups overtime. We realize with new ones coming out everyday and with a market of thousands, we’re only scratching the surface; however, our goal IS NOT to debut EVERY app, we want to showcase the apps that we feel are best, based on vetting that we do. Have a good suggestion? Send it to us!

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  • Extremely affordable and competitive rates; no, you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars to have your own app.

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  • We welcome all projects, of all sizes.

  • We are a small-sized team which allows us to provide excellent communication and flexibility.

  • Free consultation and scope

  • We cater to restaurants, gyms, stores, and almost any other small or medium-sized business industry

  • Project management and client advocate included

  • On-site visitation/consultation available*

  • Accurate time/cost scoping, and recording.

Building Your Web or Mobile App is Easy

Custom Apps for Your Business

We have a talented team of programmers and solution architects who will configure or build solutions for your business or manufacturing needs.
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    • Great solution for connecting systems for a business/manufacturing.
    • Customized to Your Needs
    • Need an innovative solution? We’re Solution Architects.

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