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Staff Review: It's difficult to convey exactly how helpful Missinglettr is without seeing it in action for yourself. But here’s the gist of this Missinglettr review: It is a strategic content marketing tool that helps plan and automate social media campaigns for published blogs. It turns the blog posts into engaging social media campaigns. Leaving you to concentrate on what's extremely significant - It takes the time that you have just put into composing the long structure blog post and utilize that to create engaging imagery and social posts. The crusade of content is naturally sent to every one of the customer's social profiles, driving traffic back to their site and expanding commitment over their social channels.
Usability (Ease of Use)
Free Offering
  • Engaging drip campaigns
  • Automatic social content generation
  • Review social campaigns
  • Social campaign scheduling
  • Client Invitation
  • Custom URL shorteners
  • Lack of features
  • Basic hashtag generator
  • Less spectacular analytics
  • Limited templates


If you want to explore how Missinglettr can help you streamline your content marketing and give you an entire year’s worth of social media posts in just a few minutes, then you are at the right place. So today we are going to be reviewing Missinglettr, a tool that can save you hours each week, bring you more organic traffic, and help you grow your online presence. We are going to look at all the features Missinglettr offers, the pros and cons, and pricing so you can decide for yourself if this is the right tool for you.

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Missinglettr is for any individual who has a blog they need to promote via social media - simpler, quicker, and with better outcomes. Missinglettr offers a free trial for 14 days. The free trial allows for just 1 website from which to generate campaigns.
Free for 14 Days
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Signing up for an account on MissingLettr is free and easy. As you sign up for the service don’t forget to confirm your email –  you will find a message in your inbox shortly after you have set up your account. Right after signing up, one of the first windows you will be shown will request to complete a few basic setup steps: adding branding info, connecting social profile (Missinglettr can create drip campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.), and connecting your blog RSS feeds. In order to get your campaigns going, you need to connect your dedicated social media accounts first. After you’ve picked the platform, you will be prompted to log into your account and authorize Missinglettr to use it for posting the content you define. When you connect your profile, you can pick the page you manage via the “Settings” button. Missinglettr walks you through all of this – it’s pretty straightforward. After you have filled in all the info, click the “Let’s go!” button. 

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Anyone with a blog post – individuals, enterprises, or businesses – looking to generate leads by increasing site traffic and relevancy can benefit from this tool. As a default, a Missinglettr campaign for each blog post you publish will last 12 months, but you can also create your own schedule templates if you prefer. You can choose the length of your campaign, number of posts within the campaign, and the post-distribution throughout the campaign so that posts are not clumped together.
There is also a handy post-distribution slider that lets you quickly allocate the distribution of your posts based on whether you want more posts towards the beginning or the end of your campaign.  This scheduling enables you to create longer evergreen campaigns, as well as shorter blasts for just one or two weeks for example, which would work well for any promotions you are running, or anything seasonal such as Christmas related content that would not be suitable as evergreen content.


Missinglettr Pricing
Free Plan: Yes

Lowest Priced Plan: It is called a ‘Solo’ plan. It is aimed at independent bloggers, and costs just $9 (paid monthly) for 1 content source, 3 social media profiles, schedule 1,000 posts and have 1 admin user.

Highest Priced Plan:

It is called the ‘Agency’ plan which costs $39 (paid monthly) for up to 3 content sources, 8 social media profiles, 5000 scheduled posts, and unlimited users.

Missinglettr plan allows you to add unlimited websites from which to generate campaigns. If you were to pay monthly, that would be the $39/month Business plan. The Free and Personal plans allow for just 1 or 2 websites, respectively. From there, you’ll also want to consider your plan in terms of how many blog posts you’re publishing regularly. If it’s just a few per month, then the “Free” or “Personal” plans will be sufficient
If you’re using Missinglettr for clients, you’ll want the Business plan, which allows for 10 new campaigns per week (note, only 10 connected social profiles). You can also send complete campaigns to clients for approval via their “external approval” feature.

Features & Benefits

PROS (of the Free Plan):
  • 3 Social Media Profiles
  • 1000 Schedule Posts
  • Automated and manual posts
  • Campaign Editor
  • URL Shortener for Advanced Analytics
  • Easy setup
  • Convenience of a pre-prepared campaign at disposal
  • Easy customization process
  • Automated promotion
  • Campaign period of 12 months
  • Saves time and money
  • Engaging visual images
  • Can create automated campaigns even for the already published posts
  • Spreads awareness and brings traffic throughout the campaign period
  • No extra plugin required for WordPress
  •  Directly Schedule Posts
  • Schedule View including Drag & Drop Menu
  • Tailored Posts and Optimized Social Media Images
  • Supported Social Networks
  • On Site Messenger and & Email Support
  • Self Service Knowledge Base
  • Media Assets Download
  • UTM Parameters Support
  • Multi Language Support

PROS (Pro Plan at $39/month)

  • 3 Content Sources
  • 8 Social Media Profiles
  • 5000 Schedule Posts
  • .Automatic Repost to Medium
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Custom Post Templates
  • Unlimited Users

One significant difference between MissingLettr and other providers is that it is an excellent tool for moving story links, snippets and images out to social media platforms and driving relevant readership back to a website. It makes sharing blog posts so much easier and more efficient. It’s so easy to set up a new campaign in MissingLettr and then forget all about it and let the software do the rest. Three important things for the business owners are time, money and value, MissingLettr is an exciting tool that delivers on all three.


CONS (Free Plan):
  • Some of the images generated from a blog post are not so compelling
  •  Facebook posts are to manually approved.
  • Generated posts are against their Terms of Services (non-auto posting policy).
  • Limited templates to choose from.
  • Sometimes the generated snippets are to be edited manually.
  • Less spectacular Analytics.
  • Basic hashtag generator.
  • ‘Blogger’ plan does not include some of the important features i.e. scheduling, automatic quote bubble generation, custom post templates, automatic repost to Medium, and advanced analytics, so if you need any of these features you will need to skip straight to the business plan which is a little expensive.

Missinglettr helps you as a content creator, squeeze every last bit of juice out of each piece of content you have created so that you get the best ROI from your hard work. No matter what type of business you run, if you are using content marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy (which you absolutely should be) then Missinglettr can save you hours of time each week by taking each of your blog posts and creating a 365-day social media campaign from each one.

Missinglettr takes ALL the hard work out of social media marketing for blogs. Missingletter uses a technology that cleverly processes the natural language in your blog post and creates a unique social marketing campaign.
The automatically created content is natural, non-spammy, and most relevant to your campaign (honestly, sometimes it is not, and that’s where your review and approval is required). Something to cheer about because it shows you’re still ahead of the level of understanding of computer programs.
Missinglettr creates automated custom drip marketing campaign content that consists of content titles, images, and hashtags to share on social media.
Depending upon the length of your post, about 5-8 hashtags, 40-80 content suggestions, 40-80 image suggestions are created.

Use Cases

We’ll cut to the chase: Missinglettr is a great tool that you should definitely use to promote your blog content. No matter what type of business you run, if you are using content marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy (which you absolutely should be) then Missinglettr can save you hours of time each week by taking each of your blog posts and creating a 365-day social media campaign from each one. Missinglettr does everything for you, from selecting the images to choosing appealing quotes from your content that can be shared within branded posts to your social channels, so all you need to do is review what Missinglettr has come up with, and approve it to be scheduled.

  • Automatically generate messages and images for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn schedule for the entire year
  • Brings perpetual traffic to the blogs.
  • Social media marketers and small businesses can set their campaigns and forget them.
  • Launch a seasonal promotional campaign with timed-out messages.
  • Schedule the social media content.

Similar Competitors


Tailwind is a marketing application closely priced to MissingLettr, it is created specifically for Pinterest and Instagram whereas Missingletter is used to do marketing campaigns for facebook, twitter, website and blogs. It is great for bloggers, online businesses, and enterprises with online shops, this tool can easily simplify the processes involved in social media marketing.


Tweetdeck is price competitive of Missinglettr. It is a most powerful Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement. Reach your audiences and discover the best of Twitter. It limits your marketing strategy to twitter as compared to MissingLettr which boosts your work on the number of platforms.

Company Profile

Untitled design (8)

Missinglettr was founded in 2015, in Hampshire, England by Benjamin Dell. It creates strategic, automatic social media campaigns that drive traffic to the blog posts. Missinglettr uses 29 technology products and services including Google Analytics, Vimeo, and Google Tag Manager. It is actively using 54 technologies for its website. These include Viewport Meta, iPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SPF. Missinglettr is ranked 778,246 among websites globally based on its 23,141 monthly web visitors. They’ve been featured on several sites like Appsumo and they even host a social media conference called “Uppercase.”


If you have any questions, you can visit their support page to contact their support directly.

Missinglettr supports all the major blogging platforms – WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace…

It doesn’t matter where you built your site, as long as you have an active RSS feed with all of your posts in it. If you don’t have an RSS feed or aren’t able to set one up, but still want to use Missinglettr, you can contact our Customer Support team.

If you want to follow what the Missinglettr team is up to, you can do that on this page -https://missinglettr.com/roadmap/

There, you can see the latest features and updates Missinglettr published, the ones they’re working on currently, as well as the ones that they’re planning for the future.

If you would like to give feedback, make a suggestion or feature request – contact support via the on-site chat or send an email to [email protected]

Staff Review

Specification: MissingLettr – Social Media Marketing Software

Deployment Type

Wordpress Plugin, SaaS

Devices Supported


Basic Features

CRM integration, Data import/export, Gamification, Open API, Scheduling, Social integration, Tracking

Pricing Model

Annual Subscription, Freemium, Monthly payment

Support Provided

Email Support, Phone Support

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MissingLettr – Social Media Marketing Software
MissingLettr – Social Media Marketing Software
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